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Choosing Your Lifting Slings

Nylon Slings

Empire Rigging boasts the best Nylon Slings around, and these slings serve a variety of purposes due to the flexible fabric that’s easy to work with and won’t get tangled and mess with your load. These are both grease and oil resistant and very affordable compared to other slings. Any sorts of bleaching agents or acid is problematic for these slings, so definitely don’t depend on them for any projects that could include either.

Polyester Slings

These slings share some of the same qualities as Nylon Slings, but can function with bleaching agents and acids (except for alkaline and sulfuric acids). You benefit from easy storage, as well as genuinely strong slings. You also benefit from that fantastic Empire Rigging quality. Be aware that both Nylon and Polyester slings will stretch to a certain extent when they’ve reached their capacity.

Wire Rope Slings

These are the slings that you’ll enjoy for larger projects that require some degree of flexibility, due to their strength and flexible nature. Wire Rope Slings are often used for any situation in which abrasion could be a factor, as well. We sell a variety of these slings in different diameters, so take into consideration the strength needed for your project. Empire Rigging loves to give you the options that you need to do your job safely and correctly.

Chain Slings

For the projects that require the strongest sling possible, chain slings are both flexible, strong, and durable. They’re also collapsible for storage, so you don’t have to worry about a bulky product with no place to put it. Any sort of project that involves severe conditions, such as a higher temperature, requires stronger slings like these. These are more expensive than other slings, but this is due to their rugged endurance and longer life. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better quality chain slings than Empire Rigging has to offer.